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Welcome to the KnightOS package index! This is the source for both official packages and community packages for KnightOS. To get started using new software, just search for packages, download them, and install them on your calculator.(help) To submit new software, you can create an account to get started.

Index Discussion

Questions and comments about the index are taken in #knightos on (irc://). Deletion requests, merge requests, transfer of orphaned packages, and so on is all handled through here. Additionally, bugs can be reported and patches submitted at the GitHub repository. This is only for bugs and discussion related to this website. Bugs and comments for the packages hosted here should be reported to the package maintainers upstream.


All software that isn't in core is not supported by the KnightOS team, and you install it at your own risk. This package index is provided without any kind of warranty whatsoever. Each package is distributed under the terms of its own license.

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Recently Updated

extra/libc 0.5.3 2019-05-25
community/tunnel 1.1.2 2017-04-09
core/corelib 0.6.4 2016-01-25
core/kernel-headers 0.6.11 2016-01-25
extra/fileman 0.4.0 2015-10-24
extra/bed 0.4.1 2015-10-24
community/kimp 0.0.5 2015-10-18
core/settings 0.5.3 2015-10-18
ports/rubik 0.3.0 2015-09-14
core/castle 0.5.3 2015-07-27